This Might Be the Coolest Bathroom Idea Ever

  • Megan Douglas
  • 02/2/20
Photo by Susie Brenner
An unexpected mural brings Boulder’s iconic landscape inside.
The Flatirons aren’t just outside this Boulder home—they’re also at the top of the stairs. Local artist Sarah Spencer hand-painted an impressionistic mural of the iconic sandstone formations on the back wall of this master bathroom for an outdoorsy couple who embrace the juxtaposition of clean, contemporary lines with vibrant bursts of color. “It’s an art piece in itself; it’s beautiful and calming and serene,” says Candace Donnell, executive design director at Design Studio Interior Solutions and lead interior designer on this project. The mural’s color palette complements a deeply hued, abstract wallpaper Donnell installed behind the bed in the master suite. As the landscape wraps around to the water closet, it provides a dramatic backdrop for a sculptural Victoria & Albert tub and zebrawood cabinets. “It’s totally original,” Donnell says. Just like the scenery that inspired it.

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