6 Ways This Staging Secret Weapon Can Help Your Home Sell

6 Ways This Staging Secret Weapon Can Help Your Home Sell

  • Megan Douglas
  • 08/16/21

We all know plants work wonders to purify the air and make your space feel happier, but there’s more to know about these green goodies: They can actually help sell your house. Here’s how.


1. They’re great for first impressions

Houseplants make our homes happier, healthier places. They also convey just that when you’re putting your house up for sale, says Justin Hancock, a horticulturist at Costa Farms in Miami, Florida. “Having an attractive plant or two in a home’s entryway can help set a good first impression,” he says. In a 2017 survey Costa Farms did with Alloy Research in five markets, the company found that almost a third of plant owners felt that plants helped make a house feel like a home and that they make any home seem more welcoming. And isn’t that impression you want to make when you’re in seller’s mode?

2. They can give shoppers a sense of scale

When home shoppers are scrolling through listings online, plants can play a key role in showing just how much space there is in your floor plan. “Tall floor plants, tabletop orchids, and simple green plants like a zebra cacti can help give a potential buyer a sense of how high the ceilings in a particular room are,” says Andrea Ancel, the lead floral designer at FTD.

An added bonus: There’s something very inviting about seeing living plants in photos of homes you’re browsing through. “They show that the homeowner really cares for and loves their home,” Ancel says.

3. They can bring the outside in

From an interior design perspective, indoor plants can work wonders to visually tie your interior with the outdoors. “Plants create visual depth as the nature surrounding your home becomes a part of the room, making it appear larger,” says Evan Roberts, a real estate agent and interior design expert at Dependable Homebuyers in Baltimore, Maryland. Interior plants can also draw attention to a gorgeous backyard or landscaped terrace.

4. They can be a focal point

Floor plants offer a great option for filling empty space created by missing furniture or decor pieces, says Matt McKenna, creative director of garden design at Winston Flowers in Boston, Massachusetts. “Paired with a beautiful container, a floor plant can become a visual focal point in any room,” he says. “Conversely, smaller plants offer the chance to dress up an interior space in a subtler way. Adding smaller plants to a table or countertop can be the perfect way to ‘finish the look’ of an area of your home.”

5. They prevent that fake staged look

Plants make a space feel lived in, like there’s someone there taking care of them. “Plants also add a touch of personalization and ensures that your home doesn’t have that too-sterile, home-staged look,” says Ron Radu, co-founder of Leon & George, a houseplant decor startup in San Francisco, California. “Plants can fit a myriad of other purposes, too. They can cover up an undesirable section of the floor or wall and add a splash of color. That color isn’t limited to green–there are plenty of patterned plants, too.”

6. They can be a perfect swap for all your personal touches

Quite often homeowners declutter their homes to get them ready to sell, meaning all the personal family pictures, kids drawings, and artwork is put away. “In place of personal items I would suggest adding a small and simple green aloe plant or a delicate air plant in a clear glass globe in those newly empty spaces,” adds Ancel.

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