Taco Tuesday + Cinco De Mayo = Is a Must Celebrate! Eat Yummy Food! and Drink Fresh Margaritas!

Taco Tuesday + Cinco De Mayo = Is a Must Celebrate! Eat Yummy Food! and Drink Fresh Margaritas!

  • Megan Douglas
  • 05/5/20
When it comes to Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo on the same day this Arizona girl doesn’t mess around. Growing up close to the Mexico border gave me the gift of the best Mexican food in the nation. I’m not the best at cooking it because it was always so available to me. But I’ve been working on that during quarantine.

Eat Yummy Food

I wanted to share with you 50+ amazing taco recipes, from chicken to shrimp to pork to steak. Vegetarians, we’ve got ones for you, too.

Drink Fresh Margaritas

Then, you can’t forget about a fresh margarita with your tacos. My favorite local margarita connoisseur, Allie Yates, a local Denver Patron representative recommends The Perfect Patron Margarita. Inspired by the Classic Margarita, the Perfect Patrón Margarita is a simple recipe, with lime and orange notes, crafted with Reposado. Yum!

For a fresh twist you can try adding in blood orange, pineapple, or even a pomegranate tequila! Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with at least a few of these delicious recipes, and add to the fun with some twists on the traditional margarita recipe.

Learn a New Skill: Improve Your Drink Mixing Skills

I love this learn from the pros section that has videos for making your own simple syrup, make zests and twists, and rim a glass.
I’m sure the pros wouldn’t use this but I’m all about bringing smiles to people’s faces so zip on over to World Market for your Maraca Cocktail Shaker for the full Cinco de Mayo vibe in your home.
Make sure to post your favorite taco and margarita combo and tag me at @afreshtakeonrealestate. Trust me it’s ok if it looks more like a “Nailed it” final result than the perfect Pinterest picture. In my personal kitchen it’s more about the taste than the look but I’m working towards achieving both!



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