It’s True, As Denver Grows Up Some Love It More and Some Are Ready to Leave

It’s True, As Denver Grows Up Some Love It More and Some Are Ready to Leave

  • Megan Douglas
  • 09/6/19

It’s no secret that I love Denver. I’ve often been called the unofficial Mayor of Denver by clients. I find this a huge compliment as I love our town and exploring the variety of neighborhoods. Growing up in Arizona and heading to CU Boulder for school, I got here as fast as I could.

But, Denver is quickly growing + changing, and we understand that it might not be a perfect fit for you and your family as both housing cost increases and population growth show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Denver’s growing up and that comes with joys, challenges, adventures, and sometimes if you remember Denver’s cow town feeling days it comes with frustrations.

From recent conversations I feel like there are a couple different camps Denverites are falling into. Those of you who moved here 10+ years ago who purposefully didn’t move to a big city but loved that Denver had some bigger city qualities with a slower pace and friendlier than average city dwellers. Then, there’s those of you who moved here 5-10 years ago who have been a part of the constant excitement, trying to keep up with all the new businesses opening and thriving in the growth and spirit of support local. Then, there are those of you who have lived here for 5 or less years who know nothing else than Denver’s bigger city feel and are tired of hearing…”Back in the day when I didn’t have to wait in traffic”-Quote from every person who has lived here 10+ years…because you have never knew Denver that way. Then, there’s the rare siting of the local. Those of you who are locals knew that Denver was a diamond in the rough waaaayyy before anyone else and were great at keeping that secret. Sorry, secret is out.

Growing up in a smaller town that appreciates waking up to chirping birds and ending your day on the porch with a gorgeous sunset…I get it. A slower pace has a certain charm. Choosing to live in a vibrantly growing city like Denver…I get it. No FOMO here, I’m in the middle of everything that’s being talked about and our city has a high and exciting vibration to it! I just wanted to remind you that no matter where you want to call home I’m here to help. I have a trusted network of Realtors both in Denver, other cities in Colorado and outside our state to help you find the right place to call home. If it’s time to change up your lifestyle, lets chat so I can make sure you’re getting the right advice from a local in your new spot! The network of Realtors I’ve curated is a dream team. They’re the kind of people that if I were moving to that town or that neighborhood, that’s who I’d trust for candid advice, to have my back, and to show me around my new hometown. That way you’re not out there wondering how to find the right Realtor…let me do it for you.



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