Is 5G Coming to Your Neighborhood? The myth about planted trees and 5G towers

  • Megan Douglas
  • 02/7/20
I appreciate that the city is making and effort to coordinate the 5G tower onto street lamps, apartment buildings, and out of site. But, the reality is that some of these unsightly towers are being placed in neighborhoods. I know that if one showed up in front of my home tomorrow I’d be upset and furthermore I believe it would have an impact on housing values. You’d have a number of Buyers who would rather choose a house without one and also a number of people who feel there is not enough research to prove that the tower emissions are not related to health impacts.
Can you plant a tree in your Denver yard to block a 5G cell tower? Hundreds of new towers are coming to the Mile High City and I have heard this rumor circulating through the city. I think The Denver Post did a great job answering this important question.
Check out the Denver Post Article Here.

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