I have to admit I was surprised!?! The Top States Americans Moved to Last Year

  • Megan Douglas
  • 02/7/20
Top States Americans Moved to Last Year
Every year Atlas Van Lines conducts their migration patterns study which tracks their customer’s migration from state to state. Of course it doesn’t capture the entire US moving audience but with as inundated as we are here in Colorado with people moving in, I was really surprised by the results.
If 55% or more of the traffic is moving is moving into the state then it is considered “Inbound”. If 55% or more of the traffic is moving out of the state then it is considered “Outbound”. Idaho held on to the top spot of Inbound state for the second time since 2017, followed by Washington State. Meanwhile the Outbound states are relatively concentrated.Top Inbound States: Idaho
Top Inbound States:
  • Idaho
  • Washington
  • North Carolina
  • New Mexico
  • Tennessee
  • Rhode Island
  • Arizona
  • Alabama
  • Washington, DC
  • Texas

Top Outbound States:

  • New York
  • West Virginia
  • South Dakota
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Nebraska
  • Indiana
  • Connecticut
Are you as shocked as I am! Colorado’s no where to be found in the top 10 Inbound states! With Atlas Van Lines Colorado saw 1,852 people moving outbound and 2,309 people moving inbound. Still categorizing it as an Inbound state.
Honestly, I’m ok with it. I think we could use a little breather to catch up on housing inventory and infrastructure. Does this mean Colorado’s housing market is going to get weaker? Absolutely not! We have historically less homes to fill the Buyer demand in Denver. Coupled with historic unemployment rates!

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