Getting All Your Ducks in a Row: What are the first steps toward being ready to look at homes?

  • Megan Douglas
  • 01/16/20
In such a competitive real estate market it’s important that we get all of your ducks in a row before heading out to see properties.  I have several strategies for helping you shine above your competition when you make an offer but I need a little bit of your assistance.
+  Have your pre-approval letter ready to go. It demonstrates financial strength to the Seller if you have a pre-approval letter to accompany your offer it shows that you have already gotten that far in the process.  A pre-qualification letter is a minimum requirement but a pre-approval letter is ideal. Contact me for a list of Lenders I my clients rave about!
+  Know how flexible your budget is. Often a couple thousand dollar increase in purchase price will help you win the home and show minimally in loan payments.  Your lender should be able to break down the fees into a monthly payment so you can decide a desired price range. 
+  Know what your must haves are. Often to get the location you desire there may be a couple of the items that you want that will take some compromise.  Take the time to discuss with those who know you best so you know what is most important to you. Some things to consider would be (walkability, neighborhood, bedrooms, bathrooms, yard, HOA, commute, schools, etc.)
+  Write a Pick Me Letter. Some Sellers are financially motivated and some just want someone to buy their house that will love the home they have spent so much time and effort caring for.  It’s easy for me to guide you in terms of recommendations on market values but appealing to an emotional seller is up to you.  So, I would recommend writing a letter as if you’ve just found your dream home in your dream neighborhood and you want to introduce yourself to the Seller and tell them why you’d be the next best owner.  I have several samples if you’d like help getting started.  Having a draft ready to edit is easier than writing from scratch at the time of submitting an offer.
Alright, now you’re ready to go!  If you have done all of the above then you’re ready to look at homes and put down an offer when we find the right house for you! Shoot me a message so I can set you up to see properties within 15 minutes of them being listed. I’d love to advise you through your home Purchase and/or Sale. But first I need to know what you’re looking for so I’m sending you properties that fit your needs. Lets chat soon!

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