Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

  • Megan Douglas
  • 04/10/20

Easter is around the corner and what better way to lift your spirts than decorate eggs. It’s a great way to entertain your family or even yourself.

I know in our family we have our favorite more traditional egg dying techniques but we always try something new every year. Sometimes they turn out gorgeous and sometimes they are just the brown egg that gets donated for the egg salad. Happy creating and please make sure to tag me on instagram with your gorgeous creations @afreshtakeonrealestate.

Here are some egg dying ideas for eggs the Easter Bunny would be proud to hide!

Tie dye is in! So why not tie dye your Easter eggs. See how here.

I’m an 80’s baby so this one shouldn’t surprise you too much! I love the simplicity and playfulness. Pull your hair into a side pony tail and See how here.

Emoji Eggs. Get your family’s eyes off the screen and into egg decorating inspired by your favorite emoji! See how here.

Some of your kiddos favorite friends are right here in these lego inspired egg decorations. See how here.

Minions bring a smile to everyone’s face. These cuties will be so fun to find when they are hidden. See how here.

Now If Buying Egg Dye Wasn’t the First Thing on Your List When We Were All Getting Ready to Quarantine Then Here Are Some Other Ideas.

Flowers Petals. Flowers make a great paint brush and their petals make beautiful egg decor. See how here.

Nail Polish. Use that extra nail polish you have in the house. See how here.

Foil. Pull that foil out of the drawer and get creative. See how here. You could also wrap the egg in foil and add on little bunny ears.

Tissue Paper. Put together much like a paper mâché project these eggs turn out beautifully! See how here.

Whipped Cream and Shaving Cream. Get that classic marbled look with using whipped cream or shaving cream to help color your eggs. See how here and Here.

All Natural. Use what’s in your fridge or garden to make these vibrant egg dying colors. See how here.

Baking Soda. Head to your pantry for a fun day of Easter egg coloring! Make these pretty dyed eggs using food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar. As the fizzing Easter eggs dry, a pretty marbleized design appears. See how here.

Rice-Dyed Eggs. Chances are you’ve got everything you need in your pantry to make rice-dyed Easter eggs. Dyeing eggs with rice is as easy as dropping food coloring on plain rice and giving it a shake. Mix colors for a pretty speckled pattern and display your finished rice Easter eggs in a simple basket. See how here.

Watercolors. Inexpensive watercolor paints make for a delightful day of coloring Easter eggs. For marvelous marbled Easter eggs, use a round brush or the eraser end of a pencil. Create a two-tone effect by adding water to the original color and stamping on the second round of dots. See how here.

Puffy Paint. Create a dimensional design with your colored Easter eggs. Simply decorate your dyed eggs using colored puffy-paint pens in complementary colors. You can easily create flowers, geometric patterns, and other fun designs. Have a plan in place before you get started for letting it dry. See how here.

Confetti. These bright eggs turn out beautifully with the help of a little confetti. See how here.

Finger-Painted Lady Bugs. See how here.

For Teen or Adult Skill Level

Abstract Art. I found these inspiring. Let your creativity take these abstract art pieces to new heights.

Watercolor Florals. Food coloring + Paintbrush + Sharpie + (Artistry) = These gorgeous eggs that make me think of Rifle Paper Co. flowers! See how here.

Wilson. Because sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Only the adults will understand the inspiration coming from the 2000 movie classic Castaway.

Cactus cuties. These cactuses are all cute with no prickers. See how here.

Transfer your best, your worst, your most vintage, or your funniest family photos to the eggs. See how here.

Quilted Eggs: Patches of dye and painted stitches create eggs that are practically cozy. See how here.

Mudcloth. Take the trends to your Easter egg and give mud cloth patterns a try. See how here.

Little Miss & Mr. Men. Introduce your kiddos to some of your childhood favorites. See how here.

Ice Cream Cone. These happy little sweets are sure to make you smile. See how here.

Hopefully I was able to gather some off the beaten path ideas for you and you’ll try something new this year. Happy creating and please make sure to tag me on instagram with your gorgeous creations @afreshtakeonrealestate.



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