Buying a Home? Don’t Let Fear Get in Your Way

  • Megan Douglas
  • 04/1/14
Last week, I was talking to a young couple I know that was about to close on their first home. They were riding the wild rollercoaster of current mortgage rate swings and were not happy about the mortgage process overall. Yet, when the conversation shifted to finally living in a home that they own, their disposition changed dramatically.
A smile came across their faces as they talked about decorating their son’s bedroom and how much he will enjoy the backyard. They talked about inviting friends over for dinner and their family over for the holidays. The more they talked, the more excited they became.
I asked them if many of their friends were also buying. I was shocked to find out that they weren’t. Why not? Their friends believed that homeownership was financially unobtainable right now. Many wanted to own but didn’t think they could afford the monthly mortgage payment. They decided to rent instead.
I said that, with interest rates and prices where they are today, owning a home might not be any more expensive than renting one. The couple agreed but said their friends were afraid; afraid they might not qualify for a loan, afraid to handle negotiations with a seller, afraid of the home buying process itself.  Wow!
People should not make decisions out of fear! I’m not saying that every young person should own a home. I am saying that anyone that is qualified and wants to buy should not be afraid of the process. I realize the process may seem daunting but realize over 10,000 homes sell every day in this country.
So, I want to pass on to all of my friends, family, clients and strangers, that this is what my job is all about.  I take the time to stay up to date on the market, numerous continuing education courses, negotiating strategies, fostering trusting relationships with clients and other realtors. This is all so that when you sit down to discuss your goals with me, you know I am the right person to lead you down the home ownership path and past any potential hurdles.  Don’t let the fear of the unknown prevent you from living the life of your dreams.



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