4 Tips for Seniors Downsizing in Denver

4 Tips for Seniors Downsizing in Denver

  • Megan Douglas
  • 12/6/18

Colorado has been declared the best state for seniors. Here are a couple tricks seniors who are looking to downsize in Denver.

In 2017, U.S. News declared Colorado to be the best state for aging, citing the health of the over-65 population, the booming economy, the quality of care available in local nursing homes, senior living communities, and the active lifestyles that seniors lead.

Downsizing, which involves selling your larger home and moving into a setting that’s better suited to your changing needs, is a great first step toward joining the multitude of seniors enjoying all that Denver has to offer. When considering your downsizing journey, keep these 4 tips in mind.

1. Head West… and East and North and South

The suburbs in the Denver Metro area have some of the highest livability scores in the country. You can downsize to an affordable home in a suburb and free up money from real estate to devote to your retirement plan. AreaVibes recommends Glendale, Meridian and Superior for their plentiful amenities, ultra-low crime rates and access to housing types that support your lifestyle.

2. Walk Out of a Larger Home and Into a More Vibrant Life

If you’re like many seniors, you may only use a small percentage of your current square footage, but you still have to deal with cleaning and maintenance for the entire house. When you choose to downsize, you’re freeing up your time and money so you can jump into more vibrant activities. Denver’s Report on Aging reminds seniors how important it is to remain active in the community, engage in desired activities like volunteerism and maintain connections with others. Each of those areas can help you remain young-at-heart while improving your psychological health.

3. Let Go of Clutter and Welcome in Light

Your home is likely filled with treasured belongings and keepsakes, but you may also find lots of clutter that you can part with. Thoughtfully paring your belongings during the downsizing process earned a shout-out from the Denver Post, which recommends that you don’t tackle this big task alone. Invite family and friends to help, or seek out local professionals to get down to what matters most.

4. Look for Homes to Accommodate Your Health

As you age, your mobility may change. Now, instead of cheerfully bounding up and down the stairs or moving through tight hallways, you may need the convenience of a one-story home with wide passages. It’s also important to consider whether your mobility may further decline and wide-open floor plans become desirable over traditional layouts. Sometimes, single-story homes are the answer to mobility needs, but other options like townhomes in Stapleton’s Beeler Park or lofts accessible via elevator in downtown Denver may be a great fit.

For those who aren’t able, or don’t want, to live on their own, Denver also has many senior living communities that include independent and assisted living options. These communities provide the assistance with daily tasks that you may need, while still allowing for an independent, enjoyable life.

2018 has been a year full of grandparents moving to Denver to be closer to their grandchildren.  So I am particularly up to speed on the various single floor living, townhome, low maintenance options to be able to start your search as soon as you’re ready.  I look forward to hearing from you, Megan Douglas 720.470.7622 or [email protected].

Thank you to Barbara Thompson with SeniorHomes.com for this blog contribution. When you’re ready to place your home on the market and begin looking for the best new house to downsize to during your senior years, SeniorHomes.com can help. Contact SeniorHomes.com today.



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