4 Amenities Trending With Buyers

4 Amenities Trending With Buyers

  • Megan Douglas
  • 11/4/15

I spend day in and day out with Buyers. I am noticing some new trends and hearing some new wants this year.  Here are four home features gaining momentum with home shoppers. If you’re thinking about what updates to complete in your home, this could be a great start!

Energy efficiency: Bigger used to be better in real estate, but the cost of maintenance and particularly the heating of bigger homes has prompted some buyers to be less tempted to supersize their digs. Many buyers are being swayed with homes that are more economical to maintain and also have a warmer, cozier vibe.  Some of the larger investment energy efficient investments are windows, tankless water heater, solar, etc.

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Modern, up-to-date kitchens:  Remodeling a kitchen can be one of the costliest home improvement projects to take on. That’s why many buyers are looking for a kitchen that already has been updated. They’re looking for sleek, functional, modern looking kitchen with new appliances.  Having a kitchen that is entertaining friendly with lots of natural light is the ultimate selling point!

Smart home options: More buyers are looking for homes that they’ll be able to smarten up now, or down the road. For example, home buyers are showing greater desires for thermostats that can be adjusted with their mobile device to being able to unlock doors via Bluetooth. Smart home features can be a huge draw that makes a home more modern, according to CBSHome.com.  They don’t hold a direct appraisal value but these attributes make the home shine above their competition.

Color pops:  Neutrals can help home buyers envision the home as their own, but color has been shown to be a draw for younger buyers in particular. “With bright color making a design comeback, a brilliantly bold sink or appliance can be the type of risk that pays off and has the potential to sway the right kind of home seeker,” according to CBSHome.com.

Often times houses get nicknames from the Buyer, based on one of these attributes, when deciding which one to submit an offer on.  Make sure your home is nickname worthy before it hits the market!  Maybe it’s the cheery windows, welcoming porch, outdoor kitchen…these will all set your home apart and ultimately make it shine above the competion. Even better, make these updates while you live there so you get to enjoy them for years and the next buyer will love the work you’ve put in!



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