11 Questions to Ask Yourself to See if Your Home is or isn’t Fitting Your Lifestyle

11 Questions to Ask Yourself to See if Your Home is or isn’t Fitting Your Lifestyle

  • Megan Douglas
  • 12/27/19
A new year means a fresh new start and if your home isn’t serving your needs anymore there are plenty of reasons why it could be time for a change…Bigger, Smaller, Larger Lot, Different Neighbors, No More Renting, Different Schools, Neighborhood Change, Rental Potential….Whatever it might be I’m here to help guide you to a home that compliments your lifestyle.  Here are 11 questions to ask yourself to see if it’s time to move

#1 Are things getting tight or unorganized

Look around. Are things getting a bit tight in your household? If so, it may be time to move. One of the most obvious tell-tale signs that it’s time to move is when you no longer have room for anything. Maybe you had a baby. Maybe an aging parent is moving in with you. Maybe you need an extra guest room. Or maybe you just can’t turn around without tripping over all your stuff. Whatever the reason – when space is tight, you know it’s time to move to a bigger place.

#2 Is your home starting to feel stale or has your taste changed?

If you’re ready to live in a nicer neighborhood or in a nicer home, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Many features, such as central air conditioning and heat, updated appliances, a modern kitchen, more storage space, a swimming pool, built-ins, and a larger yard may not come with the home you currently own. And while you could renovate and make some improvements, there’s a good chance that: A – those renovations will take longer than originally expected (they always do); B – it’s going to end up costing you more than the original estimate (it always does); and C – you’ll run into hiccups along the way, such as walls that are unable to come down or piping problems. Also, there might not be much you can do to change some of your home’s current features (e.g. a small backyard).

#3 Are you considering a job opportunity in a new city?

Moving for a job is one of the most common (and most exciting) reasons for relocating to a new city. Maybe you’re hoping to accelerate your career. Or maybe you’re moving to the city that fits your specific industry. Whatever the reason, moving for work remains a regular occurrence in America. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, moving for a new job or a job transfer is the top job-related reason for moving.

#4 Is more space, nature, or the ease of a newer home calling your name?

After years of living in a fast-paced and congested city, many are ready to suck it up and make the move to the ‘burbs. Why? A lower cost of living, safe neighborhoods, and good schools could explain why many couples and families move to the suburbs every year. Not to mention, residents usually get more bang for their buck in terms of square footage and outdoor space, as compared to living in a city.
Another consideration to many people who are feeling the city’s growing pains is to look for more land or want to move closer to nature. Looking to buy a little farmette? Have a garden so you need a larger yard? Or just plain more privacy? You’re not the only ones making desiring a slower pace and more space.

#5 Are you not using your whole home and there is too much empty space?

Hearing crickets in your home? It might be time to downsize. For the empty nesters, leaving a large home filled with memories can be a hard decision. But remember – less really is more. By downsizing, decluttering and moving to a home that better suits your current needs, you’ll be able to spend more time doing what you love and less time cleaning an empty house.

#6 Do you have safety concerns and/or bad neighbors?

One of the top reasons for moving is a lack of safety in the neighborhood. If you feel that your street isn’t safe, then relocating to a new area and home may be the best way to remove yourself from a dangerous situation. Disruptive neighbors, loud dogs and environmental hazards are all good reasons to move to a new home.

#7 Has your relationship changed?

A change in a relationship is one of the most common reasons for relocating to a new home. If things are going well with your significant other, it may be time to move in together. If things are going sour, it may be time to move on (and out!) for good. Whatever the reason for your move, make sure you and your partner have a solid relocation plan.

#8 Is the commute is killing you?

Live far away from work? The process of commuting – from fighting traffic to fighting for a seat – can be an extremely stressful experience. Over time, the daily grind of getting to and from work may be too much to handle. For this reason, many folks gladly pack their bags every year for the chance to live closer to work. Not only will moving closer to work grant you more sleep but it could also make you a healthier person. According to CNN, a shorter commute to work could increase your lifespan. The article reports that “there is a noticeable decline in health and well being if you have a longer commute.” How’s that for compelling?

#9 Has your financial situation changed? Or you’re tired of renting?

Financial changes at home can have a big impact on where you live. For the lucky ones – those who inherit money, receive a raise or land a higher-paying job – this could mean possessing the financial resources to move to a new, nicer house. For the unlucky ones – those who lose a job or lose money somehow – this could mean having to downsize your home and lifestyle.
When you’re renting you’re just paying someone else’s mortgage. If you’re hesitant, check out how much home you can buy for your rent in Denver. I think you’ll be impressed.

#10 Do you have family commitments?

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Whether it’s an aging parent in need or a partner’s job transfer, various family commitments and ties can mean making a move you never thought you’d have to make. Whatever the reason, try to stay as positive as possible about your upcoming relocation.

#11 Do your kids need different schools?

Choosing a new home in a neighborhood zoned for great schools is one of the top reasons thousands of families move every year. To compare schools in your area, check Moving.com’s School Ratings. Our ratings pull various school report information from our database of nearly 90,000 public and private schools serving grades kindergarten through 12th grade. The GreatSchools ratings provided by our reports should give you a handy way to assess a school at a glance.
Source: Moving.com, edited with local information added by Megan Douglas



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