10 Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful

  • Megan Douglas
  • 05/9/20
I didn’t used to consider myself a homebody but as work has gotten busier I have found myself drawn to more quiet evenings at home, quality time around the fire pit with friends, and nurturing my garden. For me your home is really a place that needs to represent you and be completely comfortable for you and guests. Some people find a chaotic feeling home cozy but for me I’m looking for it to feel like a retreat. The Fox & She contributor Chelsea Becker wrote a some terrific tips on how to make your home more peaceful.
Chelsea and I are inspired by similar designers and also driven by surrounding yourself with things you love and creating a home layout for function and ease. Follow Chelsea at @beckereditorial.

Here are the 10 things that can make your home more peaceful:

I haven’t always considered myself a homebody, but somewhere along my late twenties, I became one. Home is now my favorite place to be, but not just because it’s home. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort to make it as relaxing, comfortable, and honestly, just a happy place to be. And the best part is it doesn’t take a ton of money or even the perfect house (we rent)! It’s all about being intentional about what you fill your space with and what you leave out.

No TV in the Bedroom

This definitely took some sweet talk to my husband, but eventually, I got him to agree to not have a TV in our room. After all, the bedroom is supposed to be one of the most relaxing rooms in the house, and having a TV can not only lead to bad habits, but it doesn’t make the room feel as sacred. Plus, technology is shown to hinder good sleep, so this can make for a better nighttime routine in general.

Make Things Easy

This might seem like a super general tip, and it is, but a little common sense goes a long way! Instead of leaving opportunity for annoyances in your house, make things easier. Keep your grocery bags by the front door, a music box plugged in if music makes you feel good, the plates you use most on an easy-to-reach shelf, and so on. Make a mental list every time something within your house makes you annoyed and then find ways to fix each.

Becky Owens

Create Cozy Corners

Whether it’s a meditation corner or a chair with your favorite blanket, having cozy nooks around your home can make a big difference. A place to drink your morning coffee in the kitchen, a place to read a book in your living room, or a great blanket to sit out in your backyard’s shade. This way, no matter what’s going on in your life, you have personal spaces to come back to.

Diffuse Oils

Essential oils are among my favorite things in the world, mainly because they can leave such a calming presence. Scents like tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender are literally created to calm the nervous system while cleansing the toxins in the air – and that’s pretty peaceful right?

Minimal Clutter

I’ve never been someone who is drawn to clutter, and I think that’s why our home remains so calm. People always comment on how clean and simple our home is (in a good way), and it’s because we don’t invite clutter. Not having a kitchen full of gadgets makes for a more peaceful cooking experience. Less beauty products in the bathroom means less choices when doing a skincare routine, and so on. I’ve found that simplicity is one of the easiest way to get a peaceful living space, so I’d recommend going through everything and seeing what you truly need. Say ‘see ya’ to the rest!

Four more great recommendations for making your home more peaceful!



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