Wow! Denver Is Now Considered the #1 Most Competitive Real Estate Market in the US

Wow! Denver Is Now Considered the #1 Most Competitive Real Estate Market in the US

  • Megan Douglas
  • 01/23/19

Photographer: @owencavlys

A new study of 1.5 million homebuyers—and their competitive behavior when it comes to buying a house—comes with some slightly surprising results: California is not at the top of the list. Instead it is Denver, Colorado, where you have to flex your home-buying muscle the most, according to data from a study by Lending Tree. They looked at the 1.5 million mortgage requests for purchase loans that came through their system in 2018 and ranked the cities based on three main criteria:

  • Share of buyers shopping for a mortgage before choosing a house
  • Average down payment percentage
  • Percentage of buyers who have a credit score above 680

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This post isn’t meant to scare you as a Buyer in Denver, it’s just meant to let you know what the market looks like. After 12 years as a Realtor in Denver, I find it’s the best to have conversations up front about negotiating techniques so that you can have a competitive advantage from the first day you start looking for a home forward. Most Buyers loose a few homes before they are willing to write competitive offers but I’d rather save my clients the emotional turmoil and have conversations up front about what negotiating techniques your situation allows for. Lets get together and have a candid chat about searching for your next Denver home!



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