What Home Feature Is The Most Important To Homeowners? The Answer May Surprise You

What Home Feature Is The Most Important To Homeowners? The Answer May Surprise You

  • Megan Douglas
  • 03/16/15

Energy Efficiency: This highly desirable attribute is continuing to grow in importance to households….so much so that the Demand Institute found that on a list of 52 housing and community concerns that more than 10,000 households were asked to rank in importance, households said energy efficiency had great importance even though only a fraction said they had actually improved it in their home. Energy efficiency was the biggest satisfaction gap, defined by what people say they want but don’t have, found in the survey.

Energy efficiency was the housing concern with the largest gap between the rate of importance and satisfaction – Can you believe it’s even more important to Buyers than…. updated kitchens, storage space, safe neighborhoods, affordability, landlord responsiveness, and other issues?

Still, 90 percent of the households polled said they have taken measures to reduce energy use in the last five years. The most popular changes homeowners have made towards being more energy efficient are:
67% say they have changed their energy-use habits;
63% have switched to CFL or LED bulbs;
38% have sealed air leaks;
34% have replaced old, inefficient appliances;
28% have installed a programmable thermostat.

The Bottom Line:

Improving energy efficient items in your home is likely to help you at resale.  There are many other items in the home that are important to Buyers.  But what this information says to me is that making an effort to point out the energy efficient items you have added, or making energy efficient choices to advertise upon sale will be in your benefit!

Did you know… As your Realtor I can make your home shine above the competition on the market with a special area in MLS that highlights any and all energy efficient, solar or green additions you have made to your home?



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