Tips for Enjoying Opening Day

Tips for Enjoying Opening Day

  • Megan Douglas
  • 03/30/18

With the Colorado Rockies’ home opener less than two weeks away on April 6, here are some tips for making the most out of what is affectionately called Purple St. Patty’s Day: 

Wear purple!
If you don’t own a Rockies shirt, now is the time to get one. Rockies apparel is available at Target, Old Navy, Dick’s, and King Soopers. Showing team spirit is cool!

Prep for any kind of weather.
Currently the 10-day weather forecast on is calling for a high of 56F and overcast with possible rain showers on Opening Day. But this being Colorado, you might also want to pack sunscreen and sunglasses along with your rain poncho. And your gloves and beanie just in case it snows.

Wear comfortable shoes.
You will definitely be doing some walking, as a lot of the streets will be closed to automobile traffic.

Bring a water bottle and some ibuprofen.
If you’re planning to do some day drinking, it’s a good idea to stay hydrated, and then have some ibuprofen handy for when you realize you forgot to do that.

Meet friends and share an Uber or Lyft.
This one is crucial. Parking near the ballpark will be nearly impossible, not to mention expensive (typically around $20-30). Traffic will also be nuts. Think ahead and meet some friends off site, then Uber downtown. Have your driver drop you off a few blocks from your destination, and walk the rest of the way.

Have some cash on hand.
Having cash in your pocket makes it so much easier to grab a burrito from a street vendor, tip your bartender, etc. Don’t be that guy with only a credit card.

Find a private party.
Some of the larger restaurants/bars downtown usually have parties that fill up as early as 8am. We recommend finding a private block party or event. P.S. You’re welcome to join ours! West + Main Homes will be hosting an Opening Day pre-game party from 12-2 pm at our RiNo office (2632 Blake St), complete with kegs and stadium snacks. We’d love to see you.

Make sure your phone is fully charged.
And bring your charger. There’s nothing worse than needing to communicate with your friends or post on Instagram when your battery is on 1%.

Memorize these hashtags.
Speaking of Instagram, here are the official hashtags you’ll want to use:  #Rockies, #RoxSpring, #CarGoIsBack, #Rockies25th

Don’t go to the game.
We know, we know. But Opening Day is more about the festivities surrounding the game than the actual game. And unless you have tickets already, you are going to find they are outrageously overpriced. If you’d like to see an actual baseball game, we recommend purchasing tickets to the Saturday or Sunday games when prices will be much more affordable. Try the Rooftop >> There’s also ESPN!

Have fun, and Go Rockies!

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