Tidiness Tips We Can Learn From Scandinavian Design

Tidiness Tips We Can Learn From Scandinavian Design

  • Megan Douglas
  • 10/15/18

Scandinavian style design is one of the top trends right now, with bright whites and a minimalist attitude. But it isn’t strictly the design that draws us to the region, it’s also their ever-present sense of cleanliness.

Here are a few things that set Scandinavian homes apart from the rest in terms of cleaning and organization…

1. The Shoes Stay At The Door

When you think about all of the things we drag in from the outdoors, it’s obvious why homes with a new shoes policy are cleaner than average.

2. Lighting Is Everything

In these northern regions where Scandinavian styles originated, winters are long and dark. Because of this, bright lights are popular and act as an escape from dark winters. Bright whites and lights make the space look bigger, and leave few dark corners for clutter to hide in.

3. They Actually Do Clean More

With bright summers juxtaposed to cold, dark winters, it is believed that people from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway really do clean more. The light can illuminate the dust and dirk, urging home owners to clean more often. 

4. They Never Have Wall to Wall Carpet

Carpet is known to not be very hygienic, so it’s no surprise it’s quickly being abandoned. Hardwoods and rugs that can be washed and shook out are much more popular.
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