How Would You Like a Year Round Garden in Your Kitchen? I’m Feeling This!

  • Megan Douglas
  • 02/13/20
If you don’t have a garden (or garden space) but you still want to grow your own fresh food all year round, IKEA’s indoor hydroponic garden might be the answer. Hydroponic is a technical method where plants (or veggies) are grown in water rather than soil.
They come in every size from this large size shown in the photo above. There is a medium size one and a table top one.
I also think this would be a fun little experiment to do with kids. Helping them nurture the seeds and watch them grow is fun inside or outside!
The system, called the KRYDDA/VÄXER series, was created by cooperating agricultural scientists in Sweden. The targeted customers are those people who don’t have a garden or live in apartments, as well as people who like to enjoy fresh produce all year round.
IKEA’s hydroponic system isn’t the first indoor gardening system but it is a lot more affordable the many other systems out there. Additionally, IKEA’s system is ideal for people with a minimum amount of space. The past few years IKEA has been specifically forward-thinking and they are clearly going along with the sustainability trend.
Photos: Courtesy of IKEA



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