How to Design Around a Television

How to Design Around a Television

  • Megan Douglas
  • 06/23/20
One of the most significant design challenges we run into in almost every project is designing a space around the television.
How can you avoid making the TV the focal point of the room, when let’s face it — the primary function in the room is to gather and watch TV?
Over the years, we’ve come up with a few solutions for designing around the television, and today we are sharing our favorite solutions!

Above a Console

As an alternative to the typical media console, selecting a pretty piece of furniture to go under your TV is a great way to section off the area. When choosing a console, we prefer that they are longer than the length of the TV. 
From our Modern Mountain Home

We like to hide our media equipment instead of putting it on display and add low-height accessories like stacked books and objects to finish the look.
From our Modern Mountain Home
From our Lynwood Remodel

In a Built-in

Balance the visual weight of the TV and provide storage for media equipment by centering your TV around a built-in for a custom, streamlined look.
Whether they are on either side of the fireplace, or wall-to-wall, built-ins are a great way to distract from your TV with a great display of accessories! We really love built-ins flanking the fireplace because it still allows you the opportunity to add a mirror or art above the mantle, shifting the focus off of the TV. Built-ins are also great because they provide storage for media equipment. 
From our SM Ranch House.
From our Swan Lake House Project.
From our Mercer Island Project.
From our Modern Lake House.
From our Calabasas Remodel.

3. On a Dark Wall

A dark wall color behind the TV helps blend the TV into your space, making it feel a part of the design.
From our Swan Lake House Project.
From our Red Ledges Project.
From our Swan Lake House Project.

4. Disguised as Artwork

We love designing with TV’s that have an art setting, allowing them to blend into the rest of the room effortlessly. In some of our most recent projects and even in The McGee Home, we chose The Samsung Frame TV, and we love how you can rotate the art and change it with the seasons. Plus, it looks good when you’re not watching it!
From The McGee Home Great Room.
From our Modern Lake House.
From our Modern Lake House.



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