5 Newly Renovated Parks and Green Spaces To Explore in and Around Denver

5 Newly Renovated Parks and Green Spaces To Explore in and Around Denver

  • Megan Douglas
  • 06/14/21

Warm weather is upon us —  that means parks are opening back up. Some are local in Denver, and some are just outside the city limits. Whichever park you decide to explore, you will not be disappointed. Artistic minds will thrive and your child, or perhaps your inner child, will want to explore, too.

1. Marjorie Park

Where: 6331 S. Fiddlers Green Cir., Greenwood Village  (located on the Northside of Fiddlers Green Amphitheater). 

The LowdownRe-opening on June 12 —  Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA) has recently renovated Marjorie Park. Life-sized bronze sculptures of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and a depiction of a lion’s den are just a few of the many 40 plus artworks scattered among the two-acre park. As for seating, there are stadium-inspired grass seats and picnic tables for a more cozy feel.  “We’re incredibly excited to reintroduce Marjorie Park to our community after making major renovations, and the timing is perfectly coincided with celebrating 40 years of MOA,” said Cynthia Madden Leitner, MOA’s president. “The park is intended to provide a unique art experience for the public alongside serving as an outdoor event space. We look forward to continued activations of the space to further our mission of making art a part of everyday life, while encouraging the experience of outdoor arts.”

2. Paco Sanchez Park

Where: 1290 Knox Ct., Denver

The Lowdown: Residing West of Denver in the Sun Valley neighborhood, Paco Sanchez Park has recently reopened from its $11 million renovations. Nancy Kristof, who works with Message Matters, said, “The makeover is part of Denver Parks and Rec’s goal to improve parks in low-income and historically disadvantaged areas while improving overall community health.” The design was ultimately imitating the passions of Paco Sanchez —  Denver’s first Spanish language radio broadcaster. This park has multiple unique play features that will attract those inner musical artists.

3. 39th Greenway Park

Where: 1799-1777 E, 39th Ave., Denver

The Lowdown: Located in the Cole neighborhood, this park is efficiently accessible for the Denver community. Attached to the Cole and Clayton neighborhood there are great spots for running/walking and outdoor exercise. This park enhances the aspect of communities coming together and was also placed here for flood safety purposes.

4. Globeville Landing Park

Where: 3901 Arkins Ct, Denver

The Lowdown: Located along the South Platte River, this 10.7-acre park is family-friendly and equipped with new features that improve the overall park design to be that much more walkable and peaceful. Water features consist of an added channel to provide vegetation and allow storms to flow safely. A grassy area is available for activities if you’re into football, soccer or field games. 

5. Rino ArtPark

Where: Arkins & 35th st., Denver

The Lowdown: Set to be completed in Summer 2021 —  RiNo Art Park is almost finished with its $4.1 Million renovations. Adding a new community gallery, kitchen garden, a mural, exterior plaza, and such much more, there will be a little something for everyone. Add this to the summer exploration to-do list, you will not be disappointed.


Source: 303 Magazine

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